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Aerisitor Lichid de Frana cu Vacum, ZT-04099 - SMANN TOOLS

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Aerisitor Lichid de Frana cu Vacum ZWT-04099 - ZIMBER-TOOLS.Pompa pentru testare Vacuum si aerisit lichid frane. Presiune: -1:0 Bar. 

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39,60 €
SKU No: ZT-04099

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Aerisitor Lichid de Frana cu Vacum ZT-04099 -SMANN TOOLS.

Pompa pentru testare Vacuum si aerisit lichid frane.Presiune: -1:0 Bar Aerisitor si Tester Lichid de Frana cu VACUUM. Multi-functional vacuum pump for testing many important settings and functions.Excessive accessories also allow to use this item as brake bleeding tooll .Factory-calibrated display Display in inch and milimiter .Can be used for all engine types, also diesel Testing manual included. This multi-function diagnostic kit used to test a variety of essential engine and associated functions including fuel, ignition, transmission and emission. Kit includes reservoir, hoses, and adaptors for bleeding brake and clutch system on cars, commercials and motorcycles. Brass-bodied vacuum pump has large, easy-to read gauge calibrated in inches and millimeters of mercury.

  Greutate: 1.20.Kg


Informaţii adiţionale

Informaţii adiţionale

SKU No ZT-04099
Manufacturer SMANN TOOLS


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